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      Buy BOTH titles at a discount: "THE VERNONIA INCIDENT COLLECTORS' EDITION", (The "long" version) and "Behind-the-scenes of THE VERNONIA INCIDENT". These titles may also be purchased separately. Downloads are to watch and own. Watch immediately, and save them to your computer to watch later. Produced by Ray and Migdalia Etheridge.

    • Behind-the-Scenes of THE VERNONIA INCIDENT

      Despite an extremely low budget, the producers of “The Vernonia Incident” were able to either crash, burn, or blow-up 8 cars. They used over 50-pounds of explosives, rented a helicopter for chase scenes, built several elaborate sets, and fired over a thousand rounds of ammunition. This 71-minute video has 40-minutes of “home movie” footage, which will show you the production crew at work. Also included is the previously released, half-hour documentary, “The Making of Revenge of the Rednecks”, which you may already own if you bought the “short” version of “Vernonia Incident” on DVD. It’s an exciting documentary, and well-worth seeing again. Produced by Ray and Migdalia Etheridge. (PS-You get get a nice discount if you buy the “Vernonia Incident Collectors’ Edition” and “Vernonia Incident Behind-the-scenes” in a BUNDLE).

    • The Vernonia Incident Collectors' Edition (uncut version)

      "THE VERNONIA INCIDENT" was first released by Rentertainment on VHS videotape as a 91-minute film. When it was later re-released on DVD, the film was shortened to one-hour, and an additional scene was added. Now, for the first time, you can see the full 91-minute film as it was originally released on video back in 1989. This is a download-to-own. You can watch the film immediately, and save it to your computer to watch over and over whenever you want. This action-adventure stars David Jackson, Shawn Stevens, Ed Justice, Floyd Ragner, and Tony Hyde. Two urban thugs rob a grocery store in a small community, and soon find themselves running for their lives, as they are chased by local residents who are armed, and out for blood. (PS- You can bundle this film with our behind-the-scenes video, and receive a discount on your purchase).